Walikale Gold.


Walikale Gold and Copper Mines is a group of mining companies operating in East and Southern Africa with its export offices in Nairobi and Lusaka, Zambia. Walikale Gold operates major mines projects in Eastern  and Southern Africa. Walikale focuses on becoming one of the largest producers and exporters of Gold and copper. 


Walikale Copper.

Manufactures of Electrolyte copper cathodes and export to buyers from around the world.

Walikale Copper is the Grade A cathodes from Africa



Gold, Diamond and copper discoveries has played a major role in the economic development of East and Southern Africa states. The first recorded discovery of Gold was in early 1880’s, it was a defining moment. Throughout much of the early 20th century, the gold mining industry continued to grow significantly contributing to an overall economic tripling effect. In particular, revenue from gold exports provided sufficient capital, continuing to be a major contributor to the East and South African economy today. 


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